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After Adalbert's martyrdom in Apr 997, Bolesław ransomed his body for its weight in gold and buried it in Gniezno cathedral.

However, one difficulty is the apparent chronological discrepancy.

However, as noted below, if it is correct that Adelajda, wife of Geza Prince of Hungary, was the sister of Prince Mieszko, her estimated birth date range indicates the probability that she was born from a later marriage.] Ziemomysl & his wife had three children:, Adelajda was the daughter not sister of Mieszko I Prince of Poland, although the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified.

If this is correct, she was an otherwise unrecorded daughter by his first wife (name not known), assuming that Prince Mieszko's marriage to Dobroslawa of Bohemia is correctly dated to 965.

The only other reference to Mstivoj is dated to 1000 and gives no idea about his age at the time.

Nor is there any indication of the date of Toves marriage, although it appears unlikely that she married much later than 980 considering the date her husband died.

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